Reef Fishing

Reef Fishing is also known as Bottom fishing. It can be done from a boat and also from the land using either handlines or rods. The main aim of this technique is to take the bait to the bottom of the sea and present it in a tempting way to the fish and to lure them into the hook. In bottom fishing the line is led by a heavy lead sinker that is followed by the bait and the hook. When the fish takes the bait it will feel the resistance from the weight that is hung below and will bolt away this in turn will hook them to the hook that dangles with the bait.  The heavy sinker is used to help in casting the bait away and deep into the sea floor. The lead weight will also keep the hook and the bait stay put despite strong currents and high waves. This will give a good advantage to the angler.

Popular Location:Destin, FL