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DESTIN, FL  // Fish-N-Fool Charters offers 5 trips, starting with a 4-hour trip and continuing through 6-hour, 8-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour trips for up to 6 passengers. Once you select ‘Book Now’, the link will take you to the checkout where you can choose your specific trip duration.



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    Big Game Fishing, Nearshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing, Reef Fishing
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All about the Fish-N-Fool.
The Fish-N-Fool is a 40 ft Infinity sport fisherman that has been customized to offshore charter fish in Destin, FL. It has been designed to get offshore fast and handle any weather conditions. The custom fish boxes and live well are designed to give maximum fishing space on the back deck while being efficient and good looking.

A new pair of 300 horsepower Cummins engines provide plenty of speed and power, without excess diesel fumes or exhaust smoke.

“We put in the new Cummins because they are tough and reliable, but also because they do not smoke and choke our customers out. That was very important to us.”

A comfortable cabin with cold air conditioners and bunk space to relax on the way out and the trip back.”

“A tremendous amount of work goes into our boat to ensure it is safe and up to any job we throw at it. We want to get the job done in style and not have any breakdowns to slow us up or get in the way of our customers fishing trip. We built this boat to handle offshore conditions and get us out and back safely and in comfort.”

“We like a good clean fishing boat that is a pleasure to fish on and can take us anywhere anytime.”


Types of Fish

Yellowtail Amberjack Cobia Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Barracuda (Great) Brown Trout Flounder Golden Dorado Grouper (Black) Grouper (Broomtail) Grouper (Gag) Grouper (Red) Grouper (Scamp) Grouper (Snowy) Jack (Almaco) Jack Crevalle King Mackerel (Kingfish) Little Tunny (False Albacore) Mackerel (Atlantic) Marlin (Black) Marlin (Blue) Marlin (Striped) Marlin (White) Rainbow Runner Ray Sailfish Shark (Blacktip) Shark (Blue) Shark (Bonnethead) Shark (Bull) Shark (Great White) Shark (Gummy) Shark (Hammerhead) Shark (Lemon) Shark (Leopard) Shark (Mako) Shark (Nurse) Shark (Porbeagle) Shark (Thresher) Shark (Tiger) Shark (Tope) Sheepshead Snapper (Lane) Snapper (Mangrove) Snapper (Mullet) Snapper (Mutton) Snapper (Pink) Snapper (Queen) Snapper (Red Emperor) Snapper (Red) Snapper (Vermilion) Snapper (Yellowtail) Spadefish Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel (Narrow-barred) Swordfish Tripletail Tuna (Albacore) Tuna (Bigeye) Tuna (Blackfin) Tuna (Skipjack) Tuna (Yellowfin) Wahoo



Fish Destiny only charges you the booking fee to reserve your trip. The remaining balance will be paid directly to the captain.

Captain Bio

Captain Casey Weldon

Capt Casey has been fishing in the Gulf for over 20 years. He grew up fishing with his dad on Florida’s east coast and in the Florida Keys. On his days off he spends his time scuba diving and surfing as well as running surf charters in Nicaragua.

Capt Casey is an all around great fisherman and he loves live bait bottom fishing for big fish as well as showing families and kids the thrill of fishing.

Capt Casey is serious about charter fishing; he is even more serious about taking good care of his customers and making memories and fun.

He’s half of one of the best crews in Destin and with 1st mate Justin all things are possible.

Yes. We encourage all families to fish together. For safety we provide children life jackets for most children 50 lbs or bigger for smaller children we recommend you bring your own to specifically fit them.

Yes. We have coolers for your food and drink or you can bring your own cooler. If you want food or drink provided we can accommodate that but there will be a additional charge to cover all expenses.

Yes. We discourage hard liquor but wine or beer is fine. Hard Liquor in our experience doesn’t go well with hot sun or choppy weather so play it safe.

No, except in Louisiana where one is required.   On most federally permitted vessels all of our customers are covered by our vessel license that is paid for by your captain.

Yes,  Although most Captains provide tackle bait and ice in the price of your trip you are more than welcome to bring your own gear.

Watch the weather and talk to your Captain for advice on proper attire. In most cases wear light covered clothing for the sun, appropriate clothing for the daily temperature and soft sole tennis shoes, deck shoes or slip resistant sandals. ( NO CROCS or hard sole boots or shoes)
Most likely the mate will clean the catch at the end of the day. Fish cleaning is usually part of the gratuity for the mate. Ask your captain what an appropriate tip should be for your day’s experience.  (It usually runs 15-20% of the charter price.)

Maybe! Most charters are pretty all-inclusive with fuel, bait, ice, and tackle provided. Some charters run a set price but have a fuel surtax added. Ask your captain about any additional charges before you go.

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